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张荣吉纯属虚构是什么意思 纯属虚构在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解释发音

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张荣吉纯属虚构是什么意思 纯属虚构在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解释发音

  1. 他的南极历险记纯属虚构。

  The account of his adventure in Antarctic is a sheer flight of imagination.

  2. 我小说中的人物和地点纯属虚构。

  All the places and characters in my novel are fictitious.

  3. 这个故事当然特别受欢迎,但它无疑纯属虚构。

  The story was certainly a favourite one, but it was undoubtedly pure invention.

  4. 自由放任和守夜人的说法,或者完士是一种理想,或者纯属虚构的神话。

  The dogma of laissez-faire and night watcher is either a pure ideal or a myth.

  5. 任何国家要想永保军事优势,纯属幻想。自由放任和守夜人的说法,或者完士是一种理想,或者纯属虚构的神话。

  Any country on permanent military supremacy has become illusory. The dogma of laissez-faire and night watcher is either a pure ideal or a myth.

  6. 纯属虚构的解释

  6. 我很想写得真实,不是纯属的虚构,张荣吉我不想有电影中那么的虚假,更不想掺有更多的浪漫和神奇色彩。

  I would like to write real, not purely fictional, I do not want to have the movie so false and do not want more of mixed romantic and magical color.


  7. 这个故事纯属虚构。

  There is no truth in this story

  8. 据弗吉尼亚大学的学者们说,华盛顿砍倒自家的樱桃树的故事纯属虚构,这只是给美国第一任总统平白添加的光环,以缓和其自传中冷酷呆板的形象。

  According to UVA scholars, Washington chopping down his Cherry Tree is pure myth, an attempt to construct a legend around the nations first President after Washingtons initial biography painted him as cold and colorless.

  9. 据路透社报道,脸谱网前总裁肖恩?帕克在欣赏完影片《社交网络》后称该影片情节“纯属虚构”。

  Former Facebook president Sean Parker enjoyed the movie " The Social Network " in which he is played by Justin Timberlake, but called the plot " complete fiction, " Reuters reports.

  10. 纯属虚构的意思

  10. 我看这纯属虚构,我都要成为一个书呆子了。

  I look at this purely fictitious, I have to become a bookworm has.

  11. 纯属虚构是什么意思

  11. 不要相信你们所看到的一些八卦,90%都是都是纯属虚构的东西。

  Dont believe what you read, about 90 percent of it is pure fiction.

  12. 他对那次犯罪的叙述纯属虚构。

  His account of the crime is a complete ~.

  13. 她说的是真话还是纯属虚构?

  Is she telling the truth, or making it all up?

  14. 调查结果表明他所说的纯属虚构

  Investigation showed his claim to be false.

  15. 不过,请记住一点:这纯属虚构。

  But please remember: this is only a work of fiction.

  16. 纯属虚构

  16. 他说的是真话还是纯属虚构?

  Is he telling the truth, or making it all up